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The Libby Law Firm is not your typical Atlanta business law firm. Our motto — “Smart, Bold, Aggressive” — informs everything we do for the benefit of our individual, business and family clients throughout Georgia and the United States.

  • Smart: Every case is unique and, therefore, needs a unique approach. Our Atlanta business attorneys look at each case without any preconceived notions and formulate a custom case strategy that is smart and efficient. In this way, we help our clients understand their rights and obligations, set goals, and design and implement a plan to achieve those goals in an affordable manner.
  • Bold: Because we approach each case with a fresh perspective, we are able to think outside the box. A lot of attorneys develop a standard approach to their cases because they see them all similarly. The disadvantage of such an approach is that those attorneys don’t recognize and seize opportunities hidden between the lines. We act on those opportunities quickly and decisively and often take cases in unexpected directions with surprisingly good results.
  • Aggressive We are your advocates, devoted to attaining the best outcome for you possible. A strong case deserves strong representation. Our Atlanta business lawyers will prepare your case for every challenge and always stand up for your best interests and rights.

Negotiations or Trial: Our Clients’ Goals Are Always Paramount

While we are skilled in negotiation, arbitration, and courtroom strategy, and are aggressive and persuasive in trial presentation, we never put our clients in a litigation posture that does not advance their interests in practical and tangible ways. If you face a business law issue or a real estate dispute, we will advise you of your options and risks and then develop a strategy designed to achieve your goals.

We focus on protecting our clients’ interests and promoting their goals in the areas of business law, real estate matters, and landlord representation.

To learn more about how an Atlanta business attorney at The Libby Law Firm can benefit your business or family, contact our Atlanta office to schedule a consultation. We are conveniently located at 1579 Monroe Dr NE #F-315 Atlanta, GA 30324.

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