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Lease Agreements & Lease Disputes

Atlanta Real Estate Dispute & Litigation Lawyers Representing Landlords & Tenants

The Libby Law Firm represents clients throughout Atlanta and Georgia who are involved in lease disputes, contract disputes, and contract and lease negotiations. Our Atlanta-based law firm assists many different types of businesses that range in size from sole proprietorships to multimillion dollar publicly traded companies. Our firm handles negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation in matters involving the following:

  • Landlord and tenant lease liability
  • Construction contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Remodeling and renovation contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Lease disputes and negotiation
  • Commercial landlord/business tenants
  • Property Management contracts
  • Personal guarantees
  • Premise liability
  • Safety issues
  • Financing

If you are having a problem with a commercial lease, contact our Buckhead law office to schedule a consultation.

Drafting, Negotiation, and Review of Leases

Oftentimes, commercial tenants do not discuss and negotiate their lease with their landlord. It is a common misperception that the tenant must sign the lease the landlord presents to them. Leases drafted by the landlord are almost exclusively in one-sided in favor of the landlord thus opening the commercial tenant to personal liability, costly repairs and maintenance, and costly litigation. The Atlanta real estate lawyers at The Libby Law Firm can provide you with protection of your rights in contract and lease matters. Our lawyers understand the language and practical and legal ramifications entering into a lease and know how to protect you and your business so you are afforded the best opportunity for success.

Our real estate contract & lease lawyers can review your proposed commercial lease agreement and can negotiate on your behalf. This is particularly important if your commercial space will require customization or build-outs. We can also negotiate expansion rights, rights of first refusal, and rental increases.

Ending a Lease and/or Vacating the Premises

When a tenant signs a multi-year lease, they are responsible for payment of rent through the term of the lease. The tenant or landlord may seek a new tenant to sublet the space, but if they cannot negotiate a sublet for the same amount of rent, the original tenant can be held responsible for the balance.

Commercial tenants also face difficulties with landlords who fail to refund their security deposit, in part or in full. Tenants do have legal rights and if the landlord keeps any part of the security deposit, he or she must send a certified letter detailing why. Tenants have a right to request an inspection.

When tenants vacate a property without notice, landlords face the challenge of locating them to hold them financially accountable and of handling any property or equipment that may have been left on the property. The landlord has a right to claim abandoned property as payment for remaining rent and damages, but they should consult an attorney in order to ensure they are acting within the law when doing so.

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