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Smyrna is located in Cobb County and at just 10 miles northwest of Atlanta, is one of the metro region’s fastest growing cities. The population is currently estimated at 50,000 and has grown quickly due to the city’s close proximity to Atlanta, as well as the success of a very well designed revitalization plan. Smyrna was incorporated in 1872, but the history of Smyrna as a town began in 1832 when white settlers moved to the area to claim the land won in the Georgia Land Lottery. A few years later, a religious camp was set up called the Smyrna Camp Ground. It was used by religious groups of all denominations and became popular with visitors from throughout northern Georgia. With the completion of the Western and Atlantic Railroad in the 1840’s, Smyrna became a prospering community. One of the first companies in Cobb County, the Concord Woolen Mills, manufactured Confederate uniforms. The Smyrna Camp Ground was then used as a Confederate officer training camp. The location near the railway was ideal, facilitating supply and troop movement. As with many towns in the area, Smyrna suffered great losses during the Civil War and many of the town’s commercial and residential buildings were destroyed by fire, including the mill. After the war, Smyrna residents rebuilt many of the town’s buildings. The Concord Woolen Mills building was also rebuilt and went on to support the local economy for several decades. Smyrna’s economy was primarily agricultural in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, until the Bell Aircraft Corporation in Marietta began to build B-29 bombers in the 1940’s. This brought many jobs to the surrounding towns, including Smyrna. In the past few decades, the local government has been successful in redeveloping the city with several award-winning projects. The Market Village is a mixed-use district that has become the heart of the city’s social scene. Next to this area is the Village Green with the city-owned 28,000 square foot public library and a community center. Located on 30 acres, these developments have attracted many new residents to the city, spurring on the construction of new townhouses and condos.

The vibrant city of Smyrna is close to the three locations of The Libby Law Firm. As a well-established Atlanta-Based Business Law Firm, we serve clients throughout metropolitan Atlanta and northern Georgia from our Marietta, Buckhead-Atlanta and Midtown-Atlanta offices. The attorneys at The Libby Law Firm have a thorough knowledge base in the practice areas of Business Law and Contractual matters, Litigation including Business and Commercial matters, Real Estate Law and Construction Law. We also assist our clients in the areas of Estate Administration and Probate Litigation. The lawyers at The Libby Law Firm will resolve your legal issues with the attention to detail that you require and deserve.

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