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Cobb County, located west of Fulton County, was created in 1832 and today has a population estimated at 720,000. The county was named after Georgia Superior Court Judge Thomas Willis Cobb, who also served as a Georgia US Senator and US Representative. The county seat is Marietta, was established in 1834 and is named after Judge Cobb’s wife Mary Moore Cobb. In 1832 the Georgia General Assembly created Cobb County and eight other counties out of the land that had been confiscated from the Cherokee Indians. The land was redistributed to settlers via two lotteries, the Georgia Land Lottery and the Georgia Gold lottery, that took place after the federal Indian Removal Act passed. Due to the rural nature of the region, towns like Roswell and Marietta generated the most wealth. Roswell, now part of Fulton County, brought prosperity to the area with the largest mill in northern Georgia, the Roswell Manufacturing Company. Marietta had become an important tourist destination before the Civil War. During the Civil War, General William Sherman led Union troops on an invasion of Atlanta, passing through Kennesaw Mountain during the campaign. A battle ensued on the mountain on June 27, 1864 and the Confederates were forced off the mountain. Union forces were then able to occupy Marietta on July 3, 1864. Just as in other parts of the South, this region of Georgia struggled after the Civil War and into the early 20th century. Cities and towns tried to rebuild economies that had been built on low wage industries, like dairy and cotton farming. But in 1942 the county began a turn around when Bell Aircraft began to produce B-29 bombers in Marietta. Fueled by demand created by World War II and the Korean War, employment in the area soared. Since then, the county’s population has continued to increase, from 38,000 in 1940 to 600,000 in 2000. The migration from Atlanta to the suburban cities of Cobb County has brought a diverse and affluent mix to the area. Some of these cities are:

This diversity is evident in government and industry, with African Americans and women taking top positions in organizations such as Lockheed Martin, the Cobb County government, Kennesaw State University and Polytechnic State University.

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