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Business Contract Disputes, Lease Disputes and Negotiation

At The Libby Law Firm, we represent clients throughout Atlanta and Georgia who find themselves in the midst of contract disputes, lease disputes or need legal counsel for contract negotiation. We work with small and mid-sized businesses in Atlanta and throughout Georgia to help develop legally-binding, thorough real estate contracts, construction contracts, and lease agreements. We also litigate real estate cases on behalf of property owners, business owners, commercial landlords and tenants in lease disputes. Our firm handles disputes involving:

  • Construction contracts
  • Remodeling contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Commercial landlord/business tenants
  • Liens

In addition, we can negotiate commercial leases requiring:

  • Customization and build-outs
  • Expansion rights
  • Rights of first refusal
  • Rent increases

We are able to utilize a variety of legal avenues to help our clients get cost-effective resolution to their cases including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation, arbitration, settlement and civil litigation. If you need advice to deal with the complicated legal issues involved in contract disputes, please contact the Atlanta business contract dispute attorneys at The Libby Law Firm to protect your rights. We will review your contract to establish your rights and assess your liabilities, and if we think you have grounds to file suit, we will send a letter the opposing party a letter requesting settlement, mediation or proceed to trial.

Lease Negotiation, Drafting and Review

In addition to representing clients in cases after a conflict has occurred, we also help clients avoid time-consuming litigation by drafting lease agreements that protect their rights from the beginning of the business relationship. Many commercial tenants leave themselves vulnerable to real estate litigation by not being attentive to the details in their lease agreement. The Atlanta real estate lawyers at The Libby Law Firm can review your proposed commercial lease agreement prior to execution and can negotiate the terms on your behalf. This becomes particularly important if your commercial space will require customization or build-outs. We can also negotiate expansion rights, rights of first refusal, and rental increases.

We Protect Georgia Landlords and Business Tenants in Georgia Lease Disputes

Today’s economic climate has challenged commercial property owners as financially-pressed business tenants vacate rental space. In addition, many business tenants are finding themselves short-changed when property owners fail to live up to lease agreements or to refund security deposits. Whether a commercial landlord or business tenant, if you are having a problem with a commercial lease, please contact our Atlanta Lease Dispute Attorneys in our Buckhead law office or at 404-445-7771, to schedule a consultation.

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