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Business Litigation and Disputes

Atlanta Business Litigation Attorneys

The Atlanta business attorneys at The Libby Law Firm do their best to anticipate and avoid litigation risk through developing an understanding of your business and its characteristic liability hazards, then drafting or revising your agreements to limit your risk of liability.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a lawsuit will always remain despite even the most careful planning. If your company finds itself named as a defendant in a civil action, or if you need to consider your litigation alternatives in the event of another party’s default or misconduct, contact one of our lawyers in Atlanta for dependable advice and highly skilled representation in court.

Our Atlanta business lawyers can defend or assert your business interests in both contract and tort litigation. Especially in disputes between shareholders or partners, it is not unusual for the original defendant’s counterclaims to dominate the course of the litigation. Similarly, claims for breach of contract are often met with counterclaims for fraud or material nondisclosure. At The Libby Law Firm, our experience with business litigation of all kinds can help you achieve a cost-effective resolution of such problems as the following:

  • Breach of contract claims and defenses
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Corporate, management, or partnership disputes
  • Minority squeeze-out or oppression claims
  • Commercial or industrial lease disputes
  • Land use and zoning violations
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, or material nondisclosure
  • Enforcement of nondisclosure or noncompete covenants
  • Investigation and litigation of employment claims relating to discrimination or sexual harassment
  • Insurance disputes involving coverage of loss, duty of defense, or indemnity
  • Enforcement of rights under business purchase or sale agreements
  • Commercial litigation involving security agreements, stock pledges, personal guaranties, or lender liability claims
  • Income, sales, use, or payroll tax disputes with the IRS or state revenue departments
  • Partnership Disputes

Our major firm experience allows us to represent your interests effectively in complex business litigation, while our small size assures you of close communication and personal attention to every aspect of your case. For additional information about our ability to resolve your problem, contact a civil trial lawyer at The Libby Law Firm in Atlanta.

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