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Kennesaw, located in Cobb County, was incorporated in 1887, but the city’s rich history began much before that in the 1830’s. At that time, the Georgia Legislature had approved construction of a railway through Cobb County. By 1846, the Western and Atlantic Railroad ran between Atlanta and Cartersville to the northwest, and in later years to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kennesaw, or Big Shanty as it was known before 1887, was a stop on the rail line, along with the towns of Smyrna, Acworth and Vinings. Railroad workers lived in shanties next to the tracks near Kennesaw Mountain, giving rise to the name Big Shanty. An abundance of fresh water made this area an ideal place for the workers and in 1861, the Georgia Militia set up a training camp on the location. The railroad ensured the transportation of recruits and much needed supplies. In April 1862, a group of Union soldiers dressed in plain clothes got on the train that was headed for Big Shanty from Marietta. When the train stopped at Big Shanty, the Union soldiers hijacked the train. This was possible because the passengers and crew had left the train to have breakfast at a restaurant next to the station. Led by James J Andrews, a civilian scout and spy working for the Union forces, the 22 Union soldiers and one other civilian, William Hunter Campbell, traveled north on the train. Destroying as much of the railroad track as possible, along with any bridges, their mission was to cut off the Confederate supply route from Chattanooga to Atlanta. The locomotive’s conductor, William A Fuller, heroically chased down the train on foot and then boarded another train, the Texas, which was heading south. Although Fuller was unsuccessful at stopping the train, James J Andrews and the Union soldiers were finally captured. Some were executed, but all of the Union soldiers eventually received the Medal of Honor. Andrews and Campbell as civilians were not eligible. Big Shanty was captured by General Sherman in 1864 and became the headquarters for the Union troops, housing a hospital and supply depot. After the Civil War the city was in ruins, but in the 1870’s the town began to rebound with the rebuilding of the railroad. In 1887 Kennesaw was officially founded and was run by an appointed mayor and city council. The mayor and council served without being paid, as taxes levied on residents were limited to 50 cents per household. Cotton continued to be a source of income for the community and the railroad provided a way to transport the product. As in much of Georgia, the cotton industry was wiped out by the boll weevil infestation in the early 1900’s; the only remaining cotton gin was finally closed in the 1950s. In the 1980s Kennesaw began to grow again as a suburb of metro Atlanta and today the population is estimated at 32,000 residents.

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